Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mellrichstadt - a walk though the town

We decided to take a walk through our home town for the next few weeks. Since the Lidl supermarket could not use our US style swipe credit card, we needed to find an ATM.

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The town is at about 900 feet altitude, has about 6000 people and is located in upper Bavaria quite close to the old border between East and West Germany. We are on the western side of the town. You might notice a small stream that flows north south through the center.

We parked in a lot just to the west of the stream and walked over this bridge.

There is enough current in the stream to drive the paddle wheel.

The town had an old wall.

There was more action in the town than the day before when it was empty for the Corpus Christi holiday.

The local Catholic Church.

We have enjoyed the splashes of colour that the Germans do very well. It seems to be misty and cloudy quite often, so colour is welcome.

The town square. 

Mellrichstadt has been repaving its main street, replacing the old cobble stones.

I've been trying to think who this reminds me of.

A Spitalkirche is apparently an old Hospital Church.

The northern limit to the old town with its wall.

The old wall that defended the town.

We came across this plaque with many names on it. No doubt there is a reason for it, but we don't know what is is.

We followed a path that ran next to the old wall.

Presumably a watch tower at the north west corner of the wall.

A saw mill just outside the wall by the stream.

I noticed a bloke rolling the big logs around with a fork lift.

There was a light breeze blowing and it was very pleasant walking down the path.

The wall even had a strong point with arrow loops.

Interesting roof.

Notice the old mill stone in the wall.

We had this path all to ourselves all the way.

It appeared that some of the houses had incorporated the wall into the structure of the house.

The area beside the creek appears to have become a nature reserve. This container acted as an observation point.

We wandered back into the town. There are quite a few half timbered houses, but they are not as common as they are in Alsace in France.

My obligatory photo of an interesting gate.

So it was a very pleasant stroll through the western side of the town. One day we will take a look at the eastern side.

Interesting bike rack.

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