Sunday, November 8, 2015

Drive to Sydney

We drove from Healesville to Sydney. It is a long trip but relatively easy except when you get to the Sydney suburbs. Sydney's population is approximately 5 million with an area for 4775 square miles (69 x 69).

A windy road near Healesville. Note the tree with fire damage. 

Lovely tall straight tree trunks.

Hills and valley in central Victoria.

It is a lovely drive with lots of pleasant scenery virtually all the way.

Our first Airedale was named Puggles. I am not sure how we came up with the name but she was a lovely dog. She had more brains than our second Airedale, Bridgit.

Our host in Healesville recommended that we take a look at Bundanoon as a possible place to live. We arrived in the late afternoon with fog everywhere.

Distinguished house for sale at $900,000. The town is on a train line and has good transport links to Sydney so house prices are high.

Quiet afternoon with few shoppers. I don't blame people for staying home on an afternoon like that.

My parents discovered Watsonia cheddar cheese when they were living in Perth. The cheese is made in Esperance WA and is absolutely delicious. Robin loves the stuff and since my sister Anne knows where to buy it in Adelaide, we bought two wheels ($20 each) and brought them to Sydney. We gave one to Robin and the other one is being sliced up and deposited between two pieces of bread and converted into a toasted cheese sandwich. The result is a culinary delight.

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