Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Growing confetti

My knowledge expanded this afternoon. I used to think that confetti was made up of billions of little circles of coloured paper that was strewn about at weddings. Yes, that is true, but confetti can also be made from tiny little petals from real live flowers and you can buy it at the Real Flower Confetti Company in a tiny village called Wick near Pershore.

We followed temporary signs to the farm which for the most part appears to be growing wheat.

But off in the distance, behind another car park, we could see multi-coloured strips of flowers.

The wheat looked gorgeous.

All of the flowers are Delphiniums.

We paid five pounds for two people to get in. No tickets were issued.

A popular place to have afternoon tea on a pleasant afternoon.

We took the long route to the right.

The border between the colours were well defined.

You can see from the height of the people that the plants are quite high.

A deep blue made an appearance.

Then a reddish pink colour.

This woman's job was to walk down the rows stroking the flowers. Any petals that came off would go into her bucket. I thought 'flower fondler' would be a good job title.

And then white.

There was a small raised stand where you could look at a Union Jack made out of the different colours. However the stand was not really high enough to get the full effect.

More of the Union Jack. You can just see Breedon Hill in the background to the right.

And so we strolled back to the entry tent where afternoon tea was being consumed at a great rate. It seemed to be a popular outing for grand parents.

You could buy a small bag of  petals for two pounds and a pint of petals for eleven pounds. The petals will bio-degrade faster than the little dots of paper so it's quite a good idea.

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