Friday, June 13, 2014

Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

Today would be the final leg of the journey from Narvik, Norway to Singapore. My AirBnB host dropped me off at the nearby MRT station and I soone was at KL Sentral. The train was waiting and I was soon on board. The train left a couple of minutes late.

On my side of the train, I could see sugar cane. On the other side, there were tall buildings.

I found this spiral car park entrance interesting.

Soon we were out in the counctryside. Malaysia is really upgrading its rail system. I suspect these pylons are for a high speed system. The Chinese were doing the same thing.  Raise the track up onto pylons. It gets rid of a whole pile of construction problems and means stray people, animals and car traffic can't stray in front of you super fast train.

Those 'Ladies Only' passengers cars are still on the go.

The standard of housing seems to be quite high.


Roof of a temple.

Paw-paw. They go very well with orange juice for breakfast, though Marianne has never been convinced.

The trains were well patronized. My carriage was full the entire way. If somebody got off the train, somebody else got on and took that seat. All seats are reserved.

The air-conditioning was fierce. I reckon the temperature was down in the 50's and I had to put on my jacket. I was beginning to wish I had my ear muffs. Meanwhile I was over 90 outside.

Sometimes you pass by some construction and you just wonder what it was all about.

Lunch fo $3. Nasi Goreng (fried rice).

Suddenly the standrd of track dropped. This track fastener belongs to the 1970's. My father was presented with a plated version of this spike at his retirement and I still have it.

South of Segamat, the standard of living seemed to go down. The line became just one track.

The standard of housing went down as well.

Workers would leave their flip-flops outside. Mosty houses in Malaysia have a no shoes inside policy.

The dirt was orange coloured. It looks like anything will grow in Malaysia with rich dirt and plenty of water.

Water tank.

We all had to get off the train just before the Singapore border to go through Malaysian Immigration exit procedures.

The causeway across to Singapore.

The border with Singapore.

Woodlands station and Singapore.

Ther end of the train journey and what a journey it was. I will do another blog entry about my thoughts on it all when I get to Sydney.

Singapore immigration was pretty painless and I exchanged some money and took a bus to the nearest subway station. After about an hour I was at my last AirBnB at about 6 pm.

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