Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ta Prohm

I promise that this is the last blog about the temples near Siem Reap.

The path to Ta Prohm.

The pathway was lined with people trying to sell you something. After a while it got to be a real pain constantly saying 'no'.

The unusual feature about this temple are the trees that are growing midst the stones, almost as if they are growing out of them.

The causeway that is common with many temples.

These are big trees.

Some of the trees are more famous than others. There was quite a crowd getting their photos taken in front of this one.

Leaving the temple via this open corridor.

Before and after photos of the corridor restoration.

That tree in the photos is still there.

My driver observed that I looked tired and took me to an air-conditioned restaurant by this man made lake.

It was some sort of mango salad with dried fish, quite spicy and as usual with food in SE Asia, delicious.

Hammocks for tuk-tuk drivers to relax in who brought customers to the restaurant. My bill for the salad and a beer was $8.50.

The driver suggested one more temple, Banteay Kdei. I was not too sure but relented and headed in.

The vendors at this temple were numerous and very persistent. Not pleasant at all.

This temple is simple to visit. Just keep going in a straight line until you get to the end and then turn around and come back.

It has some interesting carvings where the dancers are only standing on one leg.

Behind a Buddha. I could not work out what the wheel was for. I did know that I had reached my limit for temples that day. I should have stopped after Angkor Wat and done the others on another day. But since I only had one day in Siem Reap, I had done too many.

I asked my driver, Da, to take me back to the hotel. He was very friendly and took good care of me.

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