Friday, July 31, 2015

A short stroll around Innsbruck

It did not take us too long to walk from the station to our hotel. When we travel by train, it is helpful to be close to the station.

The beds in our room.

View from window.

Marianne liked this painting on the wall.

The hotel. By Innsbruck standards it is cheap at 75 euro a night. Many places close here in August.

Innsbruck has plenty of trams. It is the 5th largest city in Austria. Linz was #3.

During the evening, this square becomes a playground for skateboarders.

Interesting detail from the monument.

Chez Nico where we will go for dinner tomorrow night.

Maria-Theresien Strasse, the main shopping street.

Covered arcades in the old quarter.

The entrance to the Weisses Kreuz Hotel. Mozart stayed here when he was 13 and so did I in 2007. It was relatively inexpensive in 2007 but has been renovated since is is now expensive.

The Goldenes Daschl is considered the city's most famous building and dates from 1500. The roof tiles are actually made of copper, not gold.

Interesting sign.

The Ottoburg which was built next to the city wall in 1494.

Every time you raise your eyes, you see mountains.

The Inn River; It rises in the Swiss Alps and flows into the Danube at Passau. 

Colorful apartment buildings on the quiet side of the river. We will probably walk there tomorrow.

We went into the market which had the usual food you normally see in markets.

This apartment building had vegetation growing all over it.

We liked the blue.

I was amazed at the number of expensive shops. There are a lot more tourists here than there were in Linz.

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