Friday, August 14, 2015

Lunch at the Hotel Frankenbourg

Our hosts had strongly recommended to us that we eat at the nearby Hotel Frankenbourg. Its restaurant rates a Michelin Guide star which means it should have really good food. Eric said the price was low compared to most other one star restaurants so we booked a table for lunch.

Unfortunately, most of my photos did not turn out but here are a few.

Notice the bread plate and the notch to hold the knife.

Blurry photo of the first course of the seasonal menu. The yellow balls were some kind of egg and cheese puff. On the left was avocado and olive on toast. Eaten already was another concoction with salmon. A couple of the waiters spoke some English so we were able to get some sense of what we were about to eat. 

I have translated the menu using Google Translate to get the following.

Trifles and amusements

Roasted foie gras, pepper pate, salted watermelon and bloody Mary

Poached sea bass, roasted tomato, French caviar, water green zebra, fresh almonds and saffron pasta

Baked Guinea Fowl, sweet and sour blueberries, some sort of broad bean, creamed chicken stock and burned onion confit

Lemon with meringue, fig and something like mint, spicy crust and carrot

Figs infused with sangria, creamy lemon crumble and lemon-green vanilla sorbet


This was the Guinea fowl and it was particularly yummy.

We also had the flight of wines to match the food.

Arnold Pinot Gris (I never knew Pinot Gris could taste this good and it was made just a few miles away)

A French Marsanne, (not as tasty a wine as the Pinot Gris)

Mas de la Doux (excellent with the fowl)


It was an absolutely wonderful and surprisingly filling meal. Each mouthful brought some new taste and flavours. I could not say that I had a favourite dish, but I really enjoyed the fish and the fowl. And of course, this was the best foie gras I have ever tasted. This was a level way beyond pate.

This restaurant was more upscale than Chez Nico in Innsbruck, but just as enjoyable. There were about eight waiters scurrying around but the restaurant held many more people than Chez Nico. There were four or more tables with eight or more diners, some with children.

The cost for the two of us was 102 euros including the wine.

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