Saturday, July 25, 2015

Linz - an evening walk

We arrived in Linz after a crappy flight from BWI to Frankfurt and a much better flight to Linz Airport. Our first plane was old with uncomfortable seats. It was not helped by a toddler who decided to cry and scream for about an hour at 2:30 am. The mother just kept holding him instead of trying something different.

We missed the bus into town but were told by a nice lady at the information desk to take a shuttle to the nearby train station and then take an inexpensive train (2.20 euro) into town. 

Our new Visa card with the chip and signature worked fine.

About ten trains past us at high speed before our local train arrived.

The farm buildings here have central courtyards and look quite beautiful.

We found the AirBNB where we are staying for a week. It is just a short walk from the station and is a very nice apartment. The bloke who owns the apartment is 28 and friendly and helpful. He will stay with his girlfriend until we leave next Friday. If you go to the link, you will see the sofa where I am sitting with my computer.

Marianne wanted to have a beer with dinner so Mike recommended a beer garden a few blocks away. So we headed off across a park to the down town area.

It was a very warm evening and though the photo does not show it, there were a lot of people enjoying the evening air. Mike told us that they have been having high temperatures for weeks.

Shopping street.

Two cold beers (half liter). Life is good again.

On an evening like this, the beer garden was doing a good trade. It was all very relaxed and peaceful.

We both ordered the same dish which was a mushroom, potato and egg mix that was quite filling and tasty. It cost about 14 euros ($15) and the beers were 4 euros for 0.5 liters. I managed to down two of them.

On the train from the airport, a group of young ladies came into our carriage. One of them was dressed in a white costume. By chance we followed them across the park and they eventually arrived at the beer garden.

One thing I have learned from all of my travelling alone is that as an old codger I can go up to people and talk to them. While Marianne sat at our table, I got up and wandered over to the table of the young ladies and asked them what it was all about. There was a spare seat so I sat down to the cheers of the young ladies who were all quite merry. Apparently this is a local tradition and is essentially a bachelorette party. The girl in white is getting married soon and her friends dress up as nurses. The bride to be carries a basket loaded with trinkets that she exchanges for donations. Naturally I donated and in return got a syringe loaded with some sort of cherry liquour that she squirted into my mouth.

They were all having so much fun. Marianne wandered over and she got a syringe as well. The girl to the right of the bride is to be the bridesmaid.

Then it was back to the apartment and off to sleep for about 10 hours.

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