Sunday, June 5, 2016

Bighorn Lake Gorge - long version

This is the longer version of the ride up Bighorn Lake.

The truck and the boat. With four adults and the heavy load, we averaged about 9 mpg.

Interesting storefront in a town near the launching site.

Wide street in a quiet Wyoming town. By the way, never speed in these little towns, the local cops have radar and are not afraid to use it.

Inspecting the boar for invasive mussels.

Hillside beside the lake.

Jetty for launching the boat.

Admiral Benji who is a Cairn Terrier and loves to chase a ball.

This boat can take tourists out on the lake.

The boundary of the area where you can launch your boat.

The entry to the gorge.

Initially the gorge walls are not that high. I am not going to put in many comments. Just scroll through and realize that photos can never replicate what it feels like to be surrounded by it all as the boat roars along about 35 mph.

The water has a greenish / yellowing color.

Geese taking off.

There are numerous side canyons and it is easy to take the wrong path at times.

Some of the flotsam floating down the gorge.

Debbie who belongs to one of the same forum groups as Marianne.

Captain Rod, who loves to tell jokes.

You would not want to hit this log.

At some point I realized that all the ground on Earth must look really interesting if you cut a slice out of it.

There were quite a few boats closer to the dam. Some were pulling water skiers but they needed wet suits because the water is quite cold.

Close to the dam.

The dam with a barrier to prevent  boats getting too close. The dam is not far from Billings MT.

Admiral Benji reckons it was a job well done.

Cafe at the boat landing near the dam.

We turned back and after a few miles stopped for lunch at a small landing.

After lunch the Admiral retired to his quarters for a well deserved nap.

The final photo from the boat. Well done if you got this far.

Wild goats.

Rod and Debbie drove us to an overlook of the gorge. You can get a sense of how deep it is but it is even more impressive from water level.

Wyoming has incredible scenery.

A wild horse in the distance.

So it was a 'WOW' day and many thanks to Debbie and Rod for taking us. We all got sunburnt and I was very glad I was wearing my wide brimmed hat. 

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