Monday, February 27, 2017

Home cooked meal in Pushkar

Happy invited us to try another home cooked meal, this time in Pushkar. Since I had enjoyed the meal in Jaisalmer, I accepted. The younger members of the tour went into Pushkar and sampled street food.

A jeep came to pick us up and we headed down some rumpty back streets to get to the house.

The street outside the house.

There were just five of us including Happy. Some of the others were feeling a bit under the weather because of colds. I've got a bit of a sniffle as well but I think it might be allergy related from the dust in the air.

Pushkar is vegetarian and alcohol free so we had a glass of cold Coke and plenty of bottled water.

Cooking the chapatis and an appetizer. The cooking pans were exactly the same as the ones we used in the cooking school.

Rolling out the chapatis.

I think this was the spring onions going into the appetizers.

Inside the pantry. Note the pressure cooker for the rice at the lower left.

The spice tin.

The appetizer and they were delicious.

The papadum was thicker than usual and slightly chewy. The best I have ever had.

There were mixes of cauliflower, cabbage and some other things including a slightly sweet, intensely flavoured tomato. I reckon this was the best meal I have had in India so far, probably because everything tasted so fresh.

Another Intrepid group arrived as we finished. They were doing a trip from Delhi to Goa and had arrived in Pushkar a day after us. Their group had a couple of older people but the rest of the group appeared to be young ladies in their twenties. We are very happy with the mix of young and old in our group.

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