Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Jodphur market

We rested for a while and the idea was that we would see the huge Mehrangarn Fort in the afternoon. However we arrived too late to have enough time to do the tour so we postponed it until the following day and wandered down to the local market.

But first, some views from the entrance to the Fort.

Jodphur is known as the Blue City.

The Umaid Bhawan Palace. It is the residence of the Jodphur royal family, but part of it is used as a luxury hotel.

We walked down a steep path. The man on the left greets everybody and asks where you are from. Since there are two Aussies in our group my accent has reverted to Australian, so I call myself an Aussie. 

Yes, Jodphur has its share of dogs.

Bamboo scaffolding.

Entrance to the market.

Clock tower in the middle of the market.

There had to be a cow of course.

Happy took us to this world famous Lassi place.

The room was packed.

Delivering the lassi.

Read about lassi here. It was so dreadful I had to have another just to make sure.

Ladling it out.

It reminded me of a job I have to do when I get home. April 15 is the tax deadline in the USA.

A sugar cane drink machine. I saw one a few years ago in Hanoi during the street food tour.

Happy then took us to a roof top restaurant with a view of the fort.

Other roof tops in use.

Jennifer looking intense. Bruce and Joh Anna look on with rapt admiration.


Peanuts that have been roasted and then served with diced tomato, cucumber and various spices. It was delicious and it just comes to the table as a general appetizer.

Dinner. The new dish for me was something made with desert bean. It is a string bean of sorts and it is delicious.


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