Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Jaipur old market

We gathered at 4:30 pm to take tuk-tuks into the old Jairpur market.

An Indian designed and made car called a Tata Nano. It's small, inexpensive and designed as a city car. However I would be too scared to drive in the traffic here.

One of the gates to the Jaipur Market. It's famous for its shopping, not just for tourists but also for locals.

The usual bedlam.

Even a camel turned up. 

Bamboo is popular for scaffolding.

I thought it odd that the bus carried a non air-conditioned sign. It was fairly hot so the warning would be useful.

A lot of silver is sold in this market.

Umpteen different varieties of pasta.

For religious occasions when sparkle is needed.

A scrap-booker's delight. Paper everywhere.

Happy holds an envelope used to contain a wedding invitation.

An old an was working with wood behind the screen. Most of the shops are for locals.

Bicycle shop.

Peter buys a roll of special paper. One of his hobbies is painting and sketching. He also has a very large telescope.

The city was painted pink in 1876 for the Prince of Wales who eventually became Edward VII. To me it looks orange, not pink. Apparently other parts of the city are pinker.

We walked for quite a while and the shops became even more localized.

Another gate to the market.

Outside the market, the shops became more modern.

The first lassi came from the Lassiwalla shop on the left. Unfortunately the shop was closed when we arrived. I do like the stuff and a banana lassi is delicious.

Lo and behold, a McDonalds. Peter had a craving for coffee so he bought one there. The Aussies in our group gagged at the thought.

There was a plan to see a Bollywood film there the next night. Most of us were too tired to go.

An old letterbox.

I haven't seen reel mowers like these for a long time.

The traffic lines up at a stop light and when it turns green, away they go. They use both sides of the road, wherever there is a space.

I had a mango ice-cream to help me cool down.

Dinner with Peter's roll of paper as an attraction.

Menu with 66 rupees = $1. 

I had the Onion Rava Masala Dosai.

Peter ordered this donut shaped thing.

It was an interesting walk. Parts of Jaipur are quite modern while much of it is quite old.

If you were a shopper you would enjoy Jaipur. Apparently the shop owners don't inflate the price so much for tourists and there is less bargaining.

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