Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mardi Gras in Upton

While I was away in London, Marianne went to see the Upton Mardi Gras parade which is part of the annual Jazz Festival.

The main street was decked out with bunting.

Waiting for the parade to arrive.

Apparently an umbrella was needed to be part of the parade.

Brass band.

Some gnomes that give an English flavour to the Mardi Gras. Perhaps they should send a contingent of gnomes to the New Orleans Mardi Gras next year to show them how their parade can be improved.

I managed to crop the other photos to keep out the stray faces, arms and other appendages. This time I failed since I wanted to keep the young lady with the sax in the photo.

The parade did not last very long but Marianne said they appeared to be having fun, which is the main thing. However, it can't be a Mardi Gras parade without the throwing of bead necklaces to the masses.

And Marianne reminded me of this scene from the old Bond film, Live and Let Die. Start about three minutes in. I'm sure they could find a coffin to use here in Upton.

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