Saturday, September 7, 2013


When I have looked at the map of California, I have looked at the position of Eureka and wondered if its climate would make it a suitable place to live if I had to move to the west coast.

We stayed at the Eureka Inn which is a restored hotel on the National Register of Historic Places. Over the years a few US Presidents have stayed there.

Check in. Initially they had lost my booking but eventually it was found.

The lounge.

Old fashioned corridor leading to our room which was modernized though you could still see it was an old room. There was no air-conditioning but that is not a requirement for most of the year in the local mild climate.


We walked down-town to look for a place to eat and passed this old cinema.

There are quite a few interesting shops. This one made their own taffy, presumably with these machines.

That is one awful uniform.

A mural on the back of the local theatre.

The front of the theater. I suspect it would be quite interesting inside. This article suggests it has closed down for repairs.

There are many interesting buildings.

If it had been open I would have had a look in this shop. The Macintosh tuner on top would be worth a good amount of money.

Old amplifiers.

We ate at a Hawaiian restaurant called the Banana Hut. We were amused by the fans that waved back and forth.

Marianne had pork wrapped in banana leaves.

Mine was a blob of pulled pork which was delicious.

The Masons must have been very active in this city. Their building was quite large.

The view from our window the next morning. Eureka is an industrial port city and while the downtown area is interesting, the rest of the town did not appeal as a place to live. It is too flat and too brown.

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