Saturday, September 7, 2013


Occasionally you visit a place that is unexpectedly wonderful. This time it was Yachats.

I had reserved a room at the Fireside Motel well in advance so we got a nice room with this view. It was so welcome after the long drive. 

I have never seen anything like this in a motel bathroom before.

We changed into shorts and were ready to go downstairs to walk on the rocks when we saw this lady carrying the hat stand. She said she had found it at a local antiques shop and carried it back.

Our room was the one with the top window.

Modern houses a little further south.

The sand near the rocks is just crushed shells.

The motel next door. It was much more expensive but every room has a view.

Fortunately it was low tide so i could walk on the beach.

These shells are clinging to a vertical wall.

The water was very clear and not quite as cold as it was further north. These are the hiking sandals I used in the latter half of the Coast to Coast walk across England so the water does not bother them.

There were huge quantities of shell fish clinging to the rocks,

Tiny little clams.

As we were walking across the rocks we met a man who told us to go down onto the sand in another small cove. We managed to clamber down and were rewarded by being able to see quite a few starfish of varying colours.

We have no idea what the green things are.

Lots of what appear to be mussels.

This is a huge house and has numerous works of art scattered around the many rooms. Later that night they turned on a large light on the roof that illuminated the waves crashing on the rocks. No doubt the people who own it have a lot of money. 

An interesting design. 

Houses on the hill behind Yachats.

We had dinner at the Drift Inn which was the best restaurant meal we have had on the trip so far. When we returned to the motel, the evening fog was rolling in and this was the last gasp of the sunset.

A minute later, the sun was almost gone.

 The next morning was overcast and drear.

A few brave souls appeared and sat out there in the gloom.

The surprise was this modern house. Suddenly it looked old and tired.

We really enjoyed our night at Yachats. There is apparently more to see but we had another long day to drive down to Eureka so perhaps net time.

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  1. OMG I can't believe you walked down to devil's churn! and those starfish are magnificent... how lucky for you to capture them. youcertainly have had a good taste of the West coast!