Thursday, September 5, 2013

Seattle - Pike Place Market

We had one last day in Seattle so we decided to go downtown and see Pike Place Market. Even though it was Labor Day and we could probably drive, we decided to take a bus.

The Market is down near the water but not right on the water. Some sort of freeway gets in the way.

It looks like most other enclosed markets. Lots of food and lots of little shops selling all sorts of stuff.

Interesting tiled mural outside the restrooms.

I would bet that most of this produce came from around Yakima.

Fresh crabs.

There were quite a few fish places but not as many as I expected.

I presume these small grapes are either Pinot Noir or Pinot Meunier if they are actually grapes to make champagne.

I suspect this is one of the famous stall where they throw the fish around. No doubt there was no throwing today because it was Labor Day.

Now here is a collection of peppers.

The baseball and football stadiums.

The ferry from Bainbridge Island arrived. This is not the ferry route I used which was further north. Lots of people got off the boat.


Cutting boards. The market is certainly worth checking out if you are in Seattle.

We had seen enough of the market which was quite crowded so we went under the freeway to the wharves beside Puget Sound. They have a totem pole in a park by the water.

We had been told by a couple of people to go to Ivars for lunch. I had fish and chips and they were ok without being great. Marianne had blackened fish tacos.  

Fortunately we were given a window booth and we could watch the ferry arrive, the fire boat and the seagulls waiting to pounce on people who were eating their fish outside.

After lunch we wandered north along the waterfront so that Marianne could visit the Chihuly Museum near the Space Needle. This museum will be the subject of a separate blog.

After taking the monorail back to the city, we waited for a bus to take us back. The tree trunks were painted blue.

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