Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Kars to Ankara by train

Good lord, is he just going to post the same pictures in reverse! Not quite. During the night, they turn the train around so that the sleeping car is still the last car in the train and when you look out the window you see what was on the south side of the train which of course is quite different from the north side.

The train leaves at 7:45 so there was time for a quick breakfast before taking a more sedate taxi ride to the station.

A train load of tanks waiting to go somewhere.

This time I was given the key to the compartment.

The wrong side of the tracks in Kars.

There are herds of sheep, goats and cattle everywhere. Usually there is at least one person minding them. It has got to be boring doing this every day of your life.

The looks of most towns is not improved by left over snow.

The Euphrates reappeared.

Notice how the roofs are covered with dirt and grass.

More herds.

I was intrigued by this woman when we arrived at Ezurum.  She sneaked up as if she wanted to see if somebody was on the platform but did not want to be seen herself. She skulked about for five minutes and then scurried off.

Market on top of the drain cover.

I would love to do this trip in September / October when the leaves were golden.

One of many dams. This is relatively small.

I am not sure I would want to cross this bridge.

More dams.

It is an illusion that the truck is on a bridge with the old pilings.

The highways in Turkey would put most countries to shame. The trick for tourists is not to drive in the large cities where the traffic can be awful and just stick to small towns and villages.

Back to the river in the gorge.

It started to rain in the late afternoon. 

Just before dusk. I had dinner by myself in the restaurant and went to bed.

Bright sunshine the next morning, not too far outside Ankara.

Notice the red dirt. Turkey has the capacity to grow a lot of crops with all the fertile ground, water and heat in summer.

After winding our way through some hills like this, we arrived in Ankara on time about 8 am. 

Having done the journey both ways, I would say the Ankara to Kars version is better but not by much.


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  2. Ahh.. I also discovered your posts about Tatvan, Bandirma and Denizli trains. I'd like to add them as well.

  3. Of course you may use whatever you need from my blogs. The journey to Kars is one of the best in the world and it also has the attraction of Ani as icing on the cake.