Friday, December 25, 2015

Whites Ferry ( near Washington DC )

Each Christmas, we either visit my sister and brother-in-law in Georgia or they come to visit us. This year it was our turn to do the 700 mile journey south.

But first, Marianne needed to stop at a shop in Aberdeen MD that sold quilting material. I sat in the car and took this photo for entertainment.

There used to be over 100 ferries crossing the Potomac River but now there is just one. We decided to take the scenic route rather than brave the Washington Beltway in rainy weather.

We used the GPS to find our way to Whites Ferry. It would not be easy without a good map or GPS.

Cars lined up outside the shop.

The ferry approaches. You don't have to wait too long.

General Early was a Confederate General in the Civil War. Jubal does not seem to be a popular name these days. It actually has a pretty good ring to it and would go very well if your last name was Ation.

The Potomac floods and you can see the levels on the wall.

We were directed onto the ferry and duly paid our $5 fee.

The black cable is used to direct the ferry across the river. It broke recently which you can read about here. Fortunately we had no problem and the crossing was very quiet and peaceful.

We stayed with friends in Charlottesville VA and continued to Athens, GA the following day. It rained virtually the entire way from Charlottesville to Athens and was a lousy drive with lots of pre-Christmas traffic.