Thursday, March 31, 2016

Chesapeake & Delaware Canal walk

My sister Clare is visiting and we decided to check out the new walking trail on the north side of the C&D canal.

The canal links the top of the Chesapeake Bay (west) with the Delaware Bay (east). The walk goes along the north side of the canal from Chesapeake City to the Delaware Bay, a distance of 18 miles.

We just did the two miles from Chesapeake City to the border of Maryland and Delaware (and back).

We parked at Schaeffer's Canal House Restaurant by the bridge over the canal. I haven't been to the restaurant in years but when I was working I would occasionally go there for various official functions. The restaurant is popular for its seafood.

Most tourists go to the section of Chesapeake City south of the canal but there are some cute houses north of the canal as well.

Ben Cardin is one of the two senators for Maryland.

Large vessels that use the canal must use a pilot. At this point, the pilots from Delaware or Maryland change over. It is one of the interesting features of dining at the Canal House when you see what appears to be a large building passing by the windows of the restaurant. Some of the ships are enormous, particularly the car carriers.

If you go to this web site you can see where all the marine vessels in the world are. We sometimes look it up to see what the ships are that we can see from our house in winter.

Where the pilots rest up between gigs. Traversing the canal can be quite tricky since the current in the canal can be strong.

Start of the walk.

The tourist area on the south side of the canal.

Notice the light fixture and fan.

A tug pushing a barge. These are quite common.

There are seats every hundred yards or so in this section.

Sail boat heading south.

It is all very peaceful and quiet beside the canal. There is a breeze which can be a bit cool.

The border of Maryland and Delaware. We had walked about two miles to get this far so we turned back.

It is a very easy stroll and quite pleasant on a sunny day. If it was summer I would bring a bottle of water. Perhaps one day I will do the entire 18 miles but perhaps not.

Curious carving beside the canal.