Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ligonier, PA

Ten or more years ago, I passed through the small town of Ligonier, Pa which is about fifty miles east of Pittsburgh. It really looked interesting so I decided to check it out again.

The square in the centre of town.

More of the square which is known as 'The Diamond'. It was a Sunday morning, and very quiet.

I suspect that on a sunny afternoon that the joint would be jumping with hordes of little old ladies checking out the boutique shops. There are plenty of little cafes as well, perfect for an afternoon's outing.

The Main Street is lined with ornate houses, none in poor condition.

I liked the blue.

It looks like it should be a B andB, but it isn't. The house has an ornate garden.

Of course, this is Steeler territory and the bars were all offering cheap beer and free food while the game was on. Pittsburgh loves its football team.

The test of any little town is how the back streets look and Ligonier passes this test with flying colours. Here is a gorgeous barn.

Another barn. The greenish colour appealed. 

The Town Hall which is on the square.

Even the Post Office is grand.

The theater which appears to be still in use. The local actors were putting on Blythe Spirit that night.

One of the local churches.

It was a cooler Fall day, a pleasant change from the heat of summer and pumpkins were everywhere.

I didn't visit the Fort that is a feature of the town especially since it's just a re-creation. Perhaps next time.

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  1. What a lovely town. It's picture book American, especially the square and the classical facades and mock gothick of some of the buildings. Wonderful - would love to stroll around there.