Friday, March 4, 2011

Finishing the baseboard

We checked with a tool rental place and found that there wouldn't be too much change out of $100 for renting a nail gun and compressor for a day. A hammer and nail set would have to suffice.

Some quarter round that I stained. Marianne stained the floor. It was pretty easy to install.

More of the quarter round but you can see the floor prior to staining.

The wider baseboard.

My most successful corner. I'm not going to show the others. In an old house, very few of the walls have 90 degree corners, though this house wasn't bad. I had to do a lot of fine tuning of the cuts.

Some years ago, I got a set of big pliers from Lee Valley and I found the center one with the angled jaws very handy for removing old nails and also to hold a nail as I nailed it in. They are quite long pliers and very handy for all sorts of tasks. Marianne calls them the entrenching tools.

Eventually I was glad that I did not rent the nail gun. Because the nails had to go through the baseboard into all kinds of materials, it would have been very difficult to judge how to preset the depth on the nail gun because each nail would have been different.

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