Sunday, October 26, 2014

Community Supported Agriculture in Northern Cecil County

For the past few weeks, Marianne has been getting fresh vegies from a farm in the northern part of the county close to the Pennsylvania. She and one of our local friends, Wendy, have joined forces to buy a single share that costs $200 over an 8 week period. I toddled along to see if there was a blog opportunity.

As you can see in the background, Fall / Autumn is finally arriving in our area. The cold weather seems to be late this year and I haven't seen very many spectacular trees.

The farm shed where we selected our produce. There were a  reasonable number of cars which indicates a decent number of customers. Some people drive up from Baltimore.

Stuff was still growing. Usually by late October we have had at least one night below freezing, but not this year. 

I had never seen knobbly pumpkins like this before.

Inside the shed. When you sign up, you can buy the right to nine shares each week. A sign shows how much you can have for one share. It's an honour system. You cross out your name in the book, load up your bag with the appropriate amount of stuff and leave. You can also purchase items if you are not a member.

There is quite a selection of stuff. Typically Marianne buys produce that benefits from being locally grown.

Some flowers outside the shed.

If you want to know more about this, here is the website.


  1. Dear Ray Perry,

    This is a very long shot! I am wondering if you might be the self-same Ray Perry who accompanied Richard St Barbe Baker across the Sahara in 1952. I have been avidly seeking out information on him for the past several months and googled your name. Your lovely blog on natural wonders was a good fit too!

    David Lea, Fish Creek, Wisconsin, USA.

  2. I would have been four years old in 1952 and I doubt my parents would have let me travel to the Sahara from Australia. But of course, you have to watch out for these Ray Perrys. They cause trouble everywhere.