Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A bald eagle makes an appearance

Since our house is surrounded by trees and backs onto a State Park, we see lots of birds. This afternoon I happened to look up and noticed the white under tail of a very large bird that was coming into land on a tree.

I then noticed the white head and raced off to find the camera.

The Bald Eagle is the national bird and was endangered until the late 20th century.

It was having a good feed and dinner took about ten minutes to eat.

I had seen another bald eagle land in roughly the same position some years back but that was in summer when the leaves obscured the view. No problem today with a bright blue sky after the 4 inch snowfall the night before.

It eventually flew off. The wing span is quite large.

There is a colony of bald eagles near the Conowingo Dam and it is common to see photographers with huge telescopic lenses waiting for a glimpse. There is a small colony just to the north of our community and this bird probably belonged to that group. I just sat on the sofa.

It was not interested in a tasty squirrel attacking our bird feeder.


  1. How fantastic you can sit on your sofa and enjoy the goings on of the Bald Eagles and squirrels. Wonderful photos and gorgeous scenery around your home.

  2. Great shots of those beautiful birds! We have several bald eagle nests on Jordan Lake. Watching them never grows old.

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