Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Hand Made Garden

My sister Clare took me to see a new garden that has been created in Athens, GA.

Through her trips to Ethiopia, my sister knows the woman Karen Witten who is the real inspiration behind the garden. 

The garden is situated in a predominately african american neighborhood in Athens, GA. The garden is maintained by a mix of local residents, students and even the homeless who live or work in the area.

This was a barren area that was formerly full of kudzu which is a weed in the area. Karen said they took out five thousand pounds weight of the stuff.

It cost nothing to develop the garden other than the cost of human labour.

Karen admiring the garden. To hear her talk about the garden, try this youtube link and here.

The local church beside the garden that is predominately attended by african americans. Karen has been invited to attend.

A photo of what the area looked like before the garden was made.

Strawberries in April. You won't find them in Maryland at this time of year (April).

All this is scavenged stuff that might become sueful.

These are collard greens which I like to use as an ingredient in cooking. Remove the thick stem and use like spinach. There was also a bed of lettuce and Karen told us that she had been reminded that the local african american population didn't eat lettuce. Not that I am too keen on the stuff myself, particularly the iceberg abomination. Give me some spinach or collards any day.

One of the local homeless guys had created this secret garden where he had planted melons.

An interesting sculpture showing the topography of the area, Click on the photo below to read how it was created.

This was an unexpected find and is an inspiring community project.. My sister is now planning to help out tending the garden. 

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