Friday, January 13, 2012

After two years of retirement

I went back to last year's post that I wrote after one year of retirement and I see nothing much has changed. I was thinking this morning as I lay in bed at 8am that the best part is being able to get up when I want to, be that 6 am, 7 am or 8 am. It's my option.

Prior to my trip to Oz last year, I bought a Nook Color so that I wouldn't have to carry books. It turned out that I didn't read all that much on the train, but I did find the device useful for timetables, maps etc. I've since put the Honeycomb version of Android on it so I have access to the Android apps and the device is quite useful. If Apple ever comes out with a smaller Ipad I will consider it eventually.

So what is lined up for this year. I may do a walk across the Grand Canyon from rim to rim. Yes, I will be going down into the canyon, not levitating.

We have house exchanges lined up for upper Bavaria in Germany and Ulladulla in Australia. There is also a good possibility for an exchange in Geneva.

I continue to enjoy doing the blogs and I appreciate the comments. There are now 171 of them, an increase of over 90 from last year.

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