Friday, January 13, 2012

University of Georgia - the State Botanical Garden

While we were in Athens, GA visiting my sister, we decided to take a walk around the State Botanical Garden which is administered by the University of Georgia.

The gardens are a few miles south of Athens and the main feature is the Visitors Center with its large atrium.

 It's a pleasant walk from the ample parking to the Visitors Center.

 An unusual collection of sculptures with an adult supervising playing children.

 Entrance to the Visitors Center.

 After scurrying past the 'Shop', immediately you come into the atrium area.Of course, the 'Shop' was filled with stuff I would never need. Does anybody really need the stuff that is in those places?

Before exploring the atrium we took a look at a display of quilts.

 The main feature is a rain forest and you wander down a concrete path past the various tropical plants. Having grown up in south east Queensland where these kinds of plants are quite common I have to remember that these plants are quite exotic for many people.

 A small display of orchards.

 The two photos above show a Macadamia Nut tree (and leaves). These originate from the Maryborough, QLD  area in Australia where I grew up. The locals call them Bauple Nuts after Bauple Mountain which is the dominant mountain in the area.

 I love these variegated leaves.

 We exited from the lower floor of the atrium. This area used to feature a restaurant that was pleasant to sit in but now it is closed, which is a pity.

 So we started to explore the gardens. Since it was January, there was not too much in the way of vegetation to see.

 A touch of green and red midst the winter brown and grey.

 I should imagine it is all much more impressive when the plants are growing. They obviously have spent a lot of money creating a pleasant environment.

 There is a chapel that can be used for weddings.

 It was closed but the wood inside looked impressive.

 As did the cleaning supplies.

So we spent a pleasant hour on a warmish winters day. We'd been there years ago but again in winter. Sometime when we are in Athens during the non winter months, I should go back for another visit when it is looking its best.

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