Friday, May 25, 2012

Grand Canyon - Ribbon Falls

We set off on the path to Ribbon Falls. The falls are at 3888' elevation which is actually higher than the elevation of Cottonwood Creek campground at 3730'.

A small bridge that crosses over the creek to take you to Ribbon Falls. Kelli took the lead to show us the way since the trail path is not as clear as the main trail.

Looking back up the creek.

Looking down the creek where we would descend later in the day.

Eventually we could see the falls. On seeing this view of the falls, I thought that it looked ok but it was nothing great. Little did I know that what was not revealed would change my mind.

Kelli helping us down the rock face.

The path way is quite tricky.

Nirmal, with gazelle like agility, descends the slope.

You have to cross the little creek formed by the falls.

Some of the pools had tadpoles.

More tadpoles.

The rocks are quite red.

We turned a corner and saw what the fuss was about. It's a layer of bright green moss on the rock.

We all took off our boots and went for a wade in the pool at the bottom of the falls. The water was nowhere near as cold as the water in the creek the evening before at Cottonwood Creek so it was a delight to wade about.

Nirjal approaches the moss wall.

My feet enjoying the water. It really did feel wonderful.

Nirjal had the brilliant idea of going up to the wall and touching the green moss. We all followed him and the moss felt like a sponge. If there was a single magic moment on the whole trip, it was that moment. Thank you, Nirjal.

I thought I had taken a longer video of the magic moment, but apparently not.

The rock wall.

We then climbed up to the top of the cliff where the water cascaded into a pool at the top of the green moss.

Yes, you can stand behind the waterfall. It reminded me of walking behind the Purlingbrook Falls in Australia. By he way, if you click on the link, the flow of water is exceptional, it's usually about the same volume of water as the Ribbon Falls.

In many ways, this was my favourite view in the whole trip. It was also the most refreshing.

Under the red colouring is white calcium carbonate.

We met a few people who had also walked in to see the falls and told them what a great sensation it was to wade in the pool below the moss and to touch the wall. Quite a few took our advice and were glad they did.

What a wonderful side trip.

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