Friday, December 14, 2012

The roof is repaired

Yesterday there was progress on repairing the roof. A big dumpster was installed and a pile of shingles were delivered. Apparently it will take one to two days to install the new shingles and fix the overhang.

After a few days of rain the bloke who is doing the repairs turned up with two others to repair the roof. 

A nice empty dumpster but not for long.

A large truck delivered the OSB boards. The original roof was the panels that formed the body of the house. The original builder laid a layer of insulating foam on top with the original shingles on top of the foam. The new solution was to remove the original shingles and lay the OSB boards on top of the foam, nailed in of course. A plastic sheet for ice and water protection would lie on top of the OSB and the new shingles would be laid on top of the plastic sheet. The layer of OSB (a variety of plywood) would provide extra protection from falling branches. 

One of the blokes removing the old shingles. One of the other workers is Amish and I made sure not to include him in any photos since they prefer not to have their photo taken.

The new shingles and the ice and water plastic sheeting. These photos are good for documenting what was actually put up there.

It doesn't look too appetizing after 26 years. The original tar paper is not as flexible or strong as the new ice and water shield.

OSB overhangs to be cut off with a circular saw.

After lunch I went for my usual three mile walk to train for my walk across England next year. It was odd to see the house like this. The light colored roof really made a difference.

This photo was taken from about half a mile away from our house through the woods. Usually I can make out our neighbour's houses but not our house. Not this time. There it was in the center of the photograph.

Repairing the roof overhang.

Covered with the OSB boards.

The dumpster is no longer pristine. At the end of the day, the crew went around and cleaned up all the mess.

More work on the overhang. These photos are useful documentation.

The gang worked solidly from 8 am to 5 pm. I don't think they took a break in the entire nine hours.

The gang turned up just after 7 am and started work again. Fortunately we were already awake and ready for the banging to continue. By about 9 am they had put this aluminium drip shield around the perimeter of the roof. Back in 1986, this sort of technology was not readily available. 

They also replaced a few of the facia boards that protect the roof panels.

The new OSB roof.

A layer of ice & water shield on top of the OSB. It's like a very thick tar paper but with a plastic interior.

One of the repaired overhang panels that had been destroyed by the tree.

The roof ready for the new shingles.

Remember that empty dumpster from earlier in the blog.

Laying the shingles. Because it is so cold (under 40 degrees), it will take a while for the shingles to warm up and relax so that they mold to the roof. 

Almost done. They finished just before 5pm. It took them just two days to do all this work. It would have taken me months. 

Next morning we went out for an inspection.

The dumpster ready to be moved. 

It gave me a new appreciation of just how hard builders work these days and also how materials and techniques have improved from 26 years ago.

Work on the new deck will start sometime after Christmas.


  1. Happy to hear you guys are really satisfied with your roof. They do put in hard work, day in and day out. God bless.

    -Keystone Contracting Corp.

  2. Your new roof looks good! Especially after seeing the inner parts of your 26-year-old roof. Yikes! Haha! Glad you found reliable blokes to do the job. And they seem to work fast too! By the way, good luck on your upcoming deck project. Hope you’ll get good results too.

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  5. I've read in your previous post that you were struck by hurricane Sandy. I assume it's why you had your roof repaired. Anyway, the roofers work fast, huh? That's good, and they seemed to be organized too! How is the repaired roof now? Noreen @