Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Robin returns for a visit

It was a last minute thing but we managed to use frequent flier miles so that she could fly home from Sydney the day after Christmas. We had to drive to Dulles in the rain to pick her up at midnight, but we were glad to do so. Her good friend Amanda came along for the ride as well.

So here is the young lady with my new umbrella that I will be taking with me on the walk across England in May. The umbrella folds up into a very tiny package and hopefully will keep some of the rain off my face.

The next day my sister and brother-in-law arrived and the following day Robin, Ric and I walked to the light house. Some snow had fallen and here is the view across to the mouth of the Susquehanna River. Behold the gloom.

Robin enjoys wearing my old coat that I bought in Copenhagen in 1974. It's very heavy but very warm and it feels very cosy.

Poor Robin was  bit under the weather with a cold and being inconsiderate brutes, Ric and I left her behind. Actually Robin told us to go on ahead. Here she is coming slowly along the path as we headed back from the light house. 

Behold the gloom.

At least Robin got her revenge by giving me her cold.

Robin works at a very upscale chocolate shop in Sydney and she brought back several boxes including one with quite a few of the Cassis variety which are our favourites. They are absolutely delicious. Bomboys are not in the race compared to these.

She returns to Sydney via Bejing on Saturday and more photos may be added later to this blog so check back.

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