Sunday, November 15, 2015

A walk around Iron Cove

We are doing a house exchange in the Sydney suburb of Five Dock. It is next to the southwest end of Iron Cove.

 We started off in the park at the south west corner and proceeded anti-clockwise around the cove which is part of Sydney Harbor. 

 A very small part of the park / sports grounds.

 A canal that feeds into the cove. It is actually a creek and is very polluted from car traffic and shops in the area.

 There is a pedestrian / bicycle path that lies next to the water.

 There are a couple of rowing clubs. The water is very smooth here in this sheltered cove.

Much of Sydney will be in deep trouble when global warming results in a rise in sea levels. It is not only the properties and houses, but the submerged roads that will become a huge problem.

 The suburb of Five Dock to the north of the cove.

 The bridge at the harbour end of the cove.

 A peninsula that sticks out into the north of the cove.

 It is a lovely walk or stroll or run or bike ride around the cove. We saw plenty of examples of all of these modes.

 Place to launch your rowing shell.

 Back in 1970, I lived up on that hill for about nine months. I found Sydney too cold and returned to much warmer Queensland. Sydney is a much more livable city than it was forty years ago. The path we are walking on is just one example of why Sydney has improved.

 There were a lot of parakeets nesting in this tree. They were making quite a din.

Athletic grounds with long jump run ups.

 The bridge. You might be able to make out the Birkenhead sign where we would go to an Aldi supermarket. They are similar in concept to those other Aldi supermarkets in the rest of the world but the brands are different and you don't need a coin to get a cart. Prices are low as you would expect.

Back in 1970 there was just the old bridge which was not big enough to handle the traffic. It would take an hour or more to travel the four miles into the city.

 Now there is an extra bridge with a curve that runs parallel to the old bridge. There were lots of people exercising who passed us by.

 The Drummoyne swimming baths.

 Most Australians are taught how to swim and there are swimming baths in most towns and cities.

 The kiddies pool with covering from the sun. Skin cancer awareness is very important in Australia. We were wearing our hats for this walk and we needed them.

A lot of money has been spent on these walking / cycling paths and it has been money well spent. It is very noticeable how much Australians exercise.

Curious sculpture.

Making exercise easier and more attractive is important.

Mangroves. The tide was in.

 Interesting use of slats in this house to prevent heat buildup in this house with lots of windows.

 This area is under the flight path to Sydney airport. This is an A380, the world's biggest passenger plane. It doesn't make as much noise as some smaller planes.

 We walked about five or six miles and it took over two hours. We enjoyed a cold beer as a reward.

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