Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Return to the South Head in Sydney

Two years ago we went to watch a whole fleet of sailing ships sail into Sydney Harbour. It was raining that day so Marianne requested that we go back to the South Head to see the view on a nice day.

 French flag flying in honour of the victims of the Paris terror incident. The Opera House was also lit at night with red, white and blue.

An old catamaran ferry took us to Watsons Bay which is where you see the 'Doyles on the beach' on the map. It is about a half mile walk to the lighthouse.

They were learning to do the stand up paddling thing. It looks like fun. 

Doyles restaurant is in the background. It is famous for its seafood.

Many desirable areas of Sydney are the targets of property developers. It is a quiet area with few cars and most of the houses are old and small.

 Four different colours. Now that is really separating your garbage / trash / rubbish.

 The dial on the camera shifted so some of these photos have strange colour or are black and white.

 We don't see much sepia any more. It looks strange.

 Back to the colour photos. I remarked to Marianne that it is when I walk through Australian bush with all the dappled vegetation, smells and bird calls that I really know why I miss Australia.

 Map of the South Head. We basically did the loop in an anti-clockwise direction.

We remembered huddling under the tree trying not to get too wet.

 North Head in the distance.

 Marianne asked me to take a zoom photo of a small barely visible object on the North Head which is 2.1 km or 1.3 miles away. 

Sometimes you really get a sense of how large and powerful the ocean is. In the foreground are the remains of an old gun emplacement from the 19th century.

 The cliffs are quite high. You would not want to fall off.

 Observation post. When we were here two years ago, it was crowded with people sheltering from a thunderstorm.

 Written on the wall of the observation post.

 Lighthouse keepers cottage.

 We managed to get back to the jetty to take the ferry back to Circular Quay. 

On our way back on the ferry, we passed this house. All I can say is that everybody is entitled to do their own thing, but sometimes you have to wonder.

Marianne remarked that every time we go on the ferry, we notice new things that we had not seen before. Usuallly that is a good thing.

Not good is getting some sunburn. I did not take my hat so my face is somewhat red.

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