Monday, November 21, 2016

The leaves depart for the winter

This blog entry is really for readers in Australia where leaves stay on the gum trees all year long. Here in the USA I am always amazed each year by how suddenly the leaves arrive and depart each year. 

About 9 am on November 19.

About 9 am on November 20. A brief storm accompanied by strong wind passed through overnight.

This event usually takes place a week earlier. Since it was delayed this year, the leaves were more spectacular.

So the last gasp of Fall / Autumn.

To be replaced by this depressing sight.

The lower leaves on the paw-paw trees hang on for a few more weeks.

Now we can see the bay off to the left. Water view.

Marianne actually enjoys seeing the bare trunks of the trees. I am less enthused.

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