Monday, January 8, 2018

Trail Creek in Athens GA

Each Christmas, we get together with my younger sister and brother-in-law and it's always a lovely time with plenty of good food and wine as well as numerous insults passed back and forth. Mostly we just sit around for a few days and talk, but we try to get some exercise and so Clare and Ric took us to the new Trail Creek in Athens GA.

This image from Google Maps is out-of-date but you might notice a brown creek which the path roughly follows.

The remains of a an old railway trestle bridge. It will eventually be restored and become part of the path.

Even though it is old and abandoned, the timber still appears to be in good shape.

The path is suitable for bikes as well as walking.

Signs along the way have photos of what Athens used to be like years ago. I was surprised to find that there was a tram system. You can read about this streetcar system here.

The USA used to have a very extensive train system with lines going everywhere. Most of them have been torn up years ago.

The old Athens station.

This bridge now forms part of the path. The superstructure is new, but the pylons used to support the former railway line.

Train crossing the bridge with the wood supports.

Not always the safest.

The creek.

Interesting seat.

It's amazing in the USA how each and every place seemed to make something that was  or still is famous. Athens used to be surrounded by cotton fields but they are long gone.

There were cotton mills of course and they have gone as well.

This used to be the Athens Armory and produced guns for the Confederates in the Civil War. Remember this area was part of the Deep South. It's now used by the University of Georgia Facilities Dept.

Crossing the North Oconee River that flows through Athens.

Notice the blue sign to the mid left.

What it reads.

R.E.M fans might be interested in this undistinguished building. It's Weaver D's restaurant that had a motto of 'Automatic for the People'. You can read the story here.

To be honest, I find their music very bland and wimpish. Oh well, we all have our preferences.

Interesting student housing.

More new student housing. Apparently the University makes a lot of money and the buildings are relatively close to campus.

The mascot for the University of Georgia is a bulldog.

This is called the 'Murmers' bridge after another R.E.M album.

Looking down to the River.

The track continues along the former railway line and comes to the remains of the old trestle. It is going to be fixed up and the trail continued as a loop. It will a great exercise facility for everybody.

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