Sunday, April 21, 2019

The Phipps in Pittsburgh

Our friends the Kramers moved to Pittsburgh in 2000 but we have remained good friends ever since. Robin is home from Sydney for two weeks and was anxious to visit so we drove out. Along with lots of conversation and good meals, the Kramers usually take us to see a Pittsburgh attraction that we haven't seen before.

The Phipps is a conservatory and botanical garden and was created in 1893 by steel magnate, Henry Phipps. The weather was cold and miserable and fortunately, we did not have to walk very far to get into the warm.

A Chihuly hanging. As you will see in other photos, there is plenty of Chihuly glass scattered throughout the gardens.

As usual with these garden blog entries, words are somewhat superfluous so don't expect too much commentary.

Chihuly glass.

My mother loved growing daisies. She would have really enjoyed coming here.

Marianne and Mary.

There is a special butterfly area where they hatch chrysalises.

Curious hanging balls about 2 inches across.

At the entrance to the Cuba exhibit, there was this old car. Notice the small child inside beside the steering wheel.

The fish pond had a glass side so you could view the fish.

These were very red.

It's quite a garden and we were very pleased to have visited it.

And the best part of the trip was meeting up with our old friends. Here we have Robin, Sara and Dani with Larry lurking in the background.

What expressions.

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