Saturday, December 28, 2019

A hike at Sandy Creek just outside Athens, GA

Clare and Ric are keen walkers so we generally go for a walk in the woods while we are visiting.

We walked on the western side of the small lake in the middle of the map.

A Mr Cook donated the land beside the Oconee River as a nature park.

The start of the trail.

A marshy area off to the left.

It all looks a bit dank and miserable on an overcast Winter's day but in Spring it would be beautiful.

Quite swampy after recent rain.

It's quite pleasant wandering along.

This photo turned out more effective than I expected.

The lake was made from a former clay pit that supplied the clay for a nearby brick works.

Somebody near Athens must be making a good living out of metal seats. They are quite common and very beautiful.

Viewing platform to see bird life.

And finally a set of steps back to a road that took us back to the car. Fortunately, the pitch of the steps was low so climbing them was easy. I decided that walking on the uneven ground of the track was better for improving my sense of balance than walking on a predictable road surface so when I get home, I will do more walks to the lighthouse.

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