Friday, December 27, 2019

A stroll in Madison GA

For the past thirty years, we have travelled south to Athens, Georgia to visit my sister and brother-in-law for Christmas. We drive down in odd years and they drive up in even years. This is our last visit since we will move to Oz next year. In addition to the woeful tour of the Xmas lights in Athens, we usually drive out to one of the surrounding towns near Athens. This year we went to nearby Madison.

Athens to Madison with Atlanta off to the west.

Ric parked in a back street and we strolled along looking at the beautiful antebellum mansions and houses.

Since many of them are made of wood, the upkeep would be considerable.

It's definitely a classy neighbourhood.

Most grass in Georgia turns this horrible brown colour in Winter.

Definitely a mansion.

The word is 'dappled' with the magnolia leaves.

Some of the grass was greener than normal, perhaps because of recent rain and higher temperatures. Most years it was freezing but this year the temperatures are above 60. 

A different grass. It was so odd to see green like this.

You can click on the image to enlarge it.

Boxwood hedges.

Just to make sure you knew what that hedge was made of.

I wondered if there was a maze.

A lovely red barn.

The local cemetery.

The flowers are fake, but they look good. 

I liked the plaque idea. Very elegant and they stay in better condition than above-ground monuments and stones.

The ferns made a nice change.

Graves of Confederate soldiers.

Some have names.

The remainder 'known only to God'.

Part of US history.

A train track runs right next to the graveyard.

The black people were buried on the 'wrong side of the tracks'.

Or on a nearby hillside. Notice that there are very few markers.

Clare and Ric.

A small lake near the cemetery.

It was a lovely walk and we finished up drinking coffee in a cafe in the centre of town. If you get a chance to visit Madison, take it since it is a beautiful place.

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