Monday, July 27, 2020

Quarantine food

One of the major concerns we had about quarantine was the quality of the food that would be delivered to us for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

It comes in one or two paper bags with our room number written on it. This was one bag for breakfast.

You may notice the tables in front of each door which are a physical reminder not to leave the room. There is a guard at the end of the corridor but I haven't seen the person yet since I haven't poked my head out far enough. I did say hello to the young lady who opened her door at the same time that I did. Rest assured that there was no hanky-panky. This is Sydney, not Melbourne.

Yes, the Melbourne crack is in poor taste considering the sudden increase in cases and deaths that was probably caused by hanky-panky between guard and inmate at a quarantine hotel. It shows how quickly the situation can deteriorate.

Breakfast was not too inspiring. It was the first time I had eaten cornflakes in years and I had forgotten how sweet they were. 

In addition, we each got two cold hard boiled eggs on a bed of spinach. Yes, I ate them and they were better than the eggs that I ate on the train from Hanoi to Saigon. Those were the eggs that contained an unborn chicken.

Just before lunch, we were saved by Robin's care package. Fruit and vegies etc.

Biscuits and chokies as well as cleaning gear. There is also a bag of muesli which will be much better than the cornies.

Fruit. I immediately gobbled down a mandarin. She also brought along a plunge pot and some ground coffee. We were saved.

A short while later, lunch was delivered.

Both bowl and sandwich were delicious. The bowl had some chunks of pineapple and they tasted so good. If I had one suggestion for food improvement in quarantine, I would say send more fruit.

Dinner appeared a bit after 6 pm. This was a beef casserole that was just a bit too salty that covered up some roasted potatoes. It tasted pretty good but was not hot enough which is understandable. There is no microwave in the room since they don't want you to be cooking things which could lead to accidents and the heightened risk of virus transmission if people had to come to your room.

Notice the fork which is part of the supply of eating irons that the hotel supplies.

There is an electric kettle which we use to make tea and coffee. The plunge pot coffee was so much better than the instant.

The bowl.

After the meal, you place the bowls and leftovers back in the bag and place it outside your door.

In the afternoon I answered the phone and talked to a Scotsman about my medical history so that they would be prepared if I developed some medical issue. I continue to be really impressed by how well this quarantine process is organized.

The next time Robin comes to drop off some more goodies we are going to try the waving from the window. There is actually a narrow street down there called Sands Street and Robin is to stand in front of the red No Entry sign. We Skyped later in the day which is always a pleasure. We could tell she is so pleased and relieved that we have arrived in Australia.


  1. So glad you have your Coffee plunger, will make it much easier to get through the next two weeks, well that and your awesome daughter

  2. Thank goodness for Robin!

  3. Glad you made it safe, I agree with Pam P good coffee is the best.