Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The hunt for Red October or Pears Soap.

While reading the Guardian a couple of mornings ago, I came across an article about Unilever (the Indian sub company) buying the Pears Soap brand and then changing the formula in late 2009.

I particularly liked this quote
transformed by Unilever into a disgusting new formula that smelled as if it was produced in the same factory as Pot Noodle and Domestos. 

We checked our supply of Pears Soap and discovered that we had one of the new interlopers and yes, the changed soap is nothing like the old soap. Fortunately, the boxes are different.

Above is the traditional soap box. Note the 'by appointment' crest in the top right and the words 'Hypoallergenic Non-Comedogenic' at the bottom.

Above is the new and definitely unimproved version. The crest is not there and the words 'Gentle Care' replace the Hypoallergenic.

Above is the list of ingredients in the old model.

Above is the list of 'stuff' in the new.

I printed out a couple of maps with the locations of the Dollar Tree shops in the area and we duly visited a couple. Unfortunately, all the old stock is gone and I will never be able to properly enjoy a shower ever again once my last bar of traditional soap is gone.

Here is a link to the Unilever site that shows some of its products. They will not be getting my custom again if I can help it. It simply amazes me that they could ruin a product with a devoted customer base who probably won't buy the replacement product.


  1. There was no "sodium palmitate" in the original. It was "sodium tallowate".
    Your photo of the old package, is actually the first change, that happened back in the 90's.

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