Sunday, January 2, 2011

Princeton, NJ

My sister and brother-in-law came to visit after Xmas and one day we set off north to the Princeton area. Since it was only a slight detour, we decided to check out Washington's Crossing. It looked like the area had had about six inches of snow from the recent snow storm and walking through the park would have been difficult. The Vistors Center was disappointing. Not much in the way of exhibits that were useful.

Perhaps the best description was on this sign about 100 yards from the Visitors Center.  You can read the sign if you click on it. I doubt that I would make the detour again, though the Delaware River is quite pretty to drive beside.

Since it was the holiday season, we managed to get a park in downtown Princeton and went through the entrance into Princeton University. Parking is difficult during semesters.

The University has a bunch of interesting old buildings.

We saw a couple of Asian girls looking at this bell thing and so we wandered over to see what was interesting.

The bell turned out to be a memorial to the Princeton students who lost their lives in 911.

Fortunately there are quite a number of old buildings that actually look interesting and according to the Wikipedia article, were built in the nineteenth century.

It's always fun to take a photo of somebody else taking a photo.

The mascot for the university is a tiger. There is a matching tiger that faces this one.

The translation goes "row, row, row your boat gently down the stream". Or maybe not.

I really liked the blue green touches.

Since this bike rack was right across from the University entrance in the center of town beside the shops, I wondered who would be leaving their bikes there.

We had lunch at Zorba's Brother which we all enjoyed. I see that opinions are divided on the subject when you read the reviews. After lunch we went for a brief walk and I  came across a sign for the famous 'Princeton Record Exchange'. Essentially it's a shop where you can buy second hand records and CDs. Most of the classical CDs are $2.99 so I couldn't resist and bought a few. 

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