Thursday, July 11, 2013

Biddulph Grange Gardens

After lunch at Little Morreton Hall, we drove over to Biddulph Grange Gardens. It was only four miles away as the crow flies, but the Tom Tom took us on a route that took us around the long way. In fact it took us to the wrong place but I dragged out my cell phone and the Sygic app got us there fine.

As you walk up to the house you can see the extensive front lawn and some posh cars. This is not what you come to see here.

You don't come to see the ornate rooms.

You come to see this garden. Or rather you come to see some gardens within a garden.

If you look closely you should be able to see the scalloped effect between the trees along this avenue. It really was a lovely stroll in the shade on a pretty warm day. On the map that they give you at the entrance, the avenue looks quite long but it only goes for about 100 yards or so.

Back in June, the rhododendrons would have been in bloom but they were finished in July.

The garden is separated into multiple smaller gardens with a different theme. Sometimes you go through a tunnel to get from one garden to the next.

We were intrigued by these pine trees.

Half timbered cottage that contains the object in the next photo.

The Ape of Thoth. The red glow comes from external daylight coming through red glass.

I remarked to Marianne that this seat looked uncomfortable. We tried it out and did not linger even though a longer rest would have been good.

The lions in the Egyptian garden.

The Dahlia garden. At this time of year, not too much was in bloom.

The back of the mansion.

This stumpery was the first ever built. Yes, it is just tree stumps but it is very effective.

We came down to the Dahlia garden so I presume this is a dahlia.

Impressively green plants.

The Asian Temple.

The idea of the bridge comes from Willow Pattern china.

Red maple. These are native and popular in the US but you don't see too many here.

We sat for a while enjoying the view in the following photo.

Emerging from the Ice Tunnel into the heat.

Marianne emerging from the tunnel.

We wanted to stay longer and there are parts of the garden that we did not get to. Unfortunately I suffer from allergies for various plants in England so I was going though handkerchiefs at a rate of knots, or did I mean snots. I just couldn't take any more and we wanted to avoid too much rush hour traffic on our drive home.

For a better description of the gardens, take a look at this web page.

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