Saturday, April 5, 2014

Historic Colonial Williamsburg

After a good breakfast at the motel in Chincoteague, we headed south down the peninsula towards the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay on our way to Williamsburg.

Unfortunately the Bridge Tunnel was covered with fog so we couldn't see too much.  

We arrived in Williamsburg in time for lunch and after a short nap at the motel, we walked the mile or so to the Historic Area. On the way we passed this nice looking house with flowering trees and daffodils.

Most people go to the Visitors Center and buy expensive tickets. If you have limited time and don't need to go into the buildings, you can just walk around and see just about everything for free.

I suddenly realized that the grass here was green. I have become so used to the brown winter grass at home.

The smother sheep was letting everybody know she had two lambs.

The houses have been preserved and the colours are supposed to be authentic.

The Capitol. Until 1780, Williamsburg was the capitol of Virginia.

The Gaol. 

The stocks used to be in front of this part of the Gaol but they have been moved.

This was a common way of constructing fences. You can see the same style at Antietam and other historic areas in Virginia.

Heading off to investigate the Bakery.

Brian and I sat on this seat for a while waiting for the ladies to emerge from the Bakery.

We admired this well.

There were plenty of people dressed up in costumes from the period.

Picking his way past the horse poo laying on the road.

This firewood looked like it would produce a nice blaze.

There were quite a few carriages carrying tourists around. It was supposed to be 80 degrees today and it felt like it.

All the horses appeared to be wearing blinkers.

Most of the houses are made of wood but there are some made of brick.

The powder magazine.

The stocks. Nobody was trying them out today.

Straw hats were popular.

The Governor's Palace. The original burned down in 1781 and it was reconstructed in the 1930's.

Inside the Bruton Parrish Church which was completed in 1683. It is still in use as a regular Episcopalian Church.

It wasn't as crowded as it can be in Summer, but there were still quite a few people wandering around.

It was pleasant to leave the main street and stroll down the quiet back streets.

A bird house.

Back at the Governor's Palace.

A couple of old dears enjoying a rest and a yap.

I liked the shape of the shed.

Curious growths on a tree.

I've been about five or six times to Williamsburg over the years but I still enjoy going back for a visit.

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