Friday, April 4, 2014

Return to Easton

Our friends from near Whitby are visiting for a couple of weeks and we have commenced a six day trip through Virginia and North Carolina. We headed south down the eastern shore of Maryland and our first stop was in Easton which we visited in November last year.

The main street. The long and cold winter has delayed the onset of spring. Most of the trees did not even show signs of buds. Fortunately, the temperatures are finally becoming decent and it was almost 70.

When we visited Easton last November, we thought it was a lovely town and this visit has only reinforced that impression. It has many lovely houses.

Impressive facade. I liked the blue.

To be honest, I had never heard of this bloke. The Wikipedia article about him does not say much more than what is on the sign.

The Talbot County Courthouse.

Another distinguished house.

Door being refinished.

We returned to the Quaker Meeting House that had impressed us so much last year. I really like this building and the smell of old wood inside is incredible.

The daffodils beside the simple gravestone are a nice touch. I was so pleased to be able to return to this church and its lovely peaceful grounds.

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