Friday, October 14, 2016


We had visited Hobart about a dozen years ago and Robin requested that we go there again for a quick visit.

The city area was quite busy so we parked a few hundred yards away from the downtown in a residential area. 

Founded in 1803, Hobart is the second oldest capitol city in Australia after Sydney and it still has plenty of older buildings.

These photos are common in Australia and are used as a reminder that Australia has been a multi-cultural society for a long time. However, most of the people I saw in Tasmania were white Caucasian.

Downtown Hobart. 

Saving the facade of an old building.

The Cascade Brewery office. Cascade was well known as 'Tasmania's beer'. 

T&G used to be a famous insurance company in Australia. It is now owned by AXA.

It was a pleasure walking around Hobart looking at the older buildings.

A former Premier of Tasmania.

I loved the description of him as 'sometime Premier'.

The Mercury is the local newspaper.

Since it was school holidays, there were children everywhere in the museum having a great time.

The museum was built in 1862.

There is all sorts of stuff here including this rather large mixer.

Ampol was an Australian petrol company.

An old toaster. I seem to remember we had one like this when I was a boy.

Tasmanian Tiger which was hunted to extinction.

Wombats do not stand on their hind legs but read the description below.

A display of old furniture.

The most famous museum in Hobart is now the very unusual Museum of Old and New Art. Again, we did not have time to visit so it has gone into the 'next time' category.

Finally we walked down by the harbour.

The harbour marks the finish line of the Sydney to Hobart boat race that starts the day after Christmas each year.

It is also a working harbour.

Just to the left, a workman was shoveling this pile of fish into plastic bins.

Fish and chip shops. I looked at the prices and noticed that they were higher than the nearby restaurant prices. 

Hobart is a nice city. It's not too large with a quarter million population but it has most of the advantages of being a capitol city.

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