Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Gloucester Cathedral

I suspect some of you are thinking the is an ABC trip. Another bloody cathedral. However if you are a Harry Potter fan, be sure to keep reading.

Gloucester Cathedral was too large and my camera lense was not wide-angled enough to include it all so you get some closeups instead.

The tower which is visible from miles around.

It was a Sunday and the morning service had just ended so there were still members of the congregation milling around as well as the usual tourists with cameras.

Massive pillars.

The organ was constructed in 1666.

Another window contains an image that is thought to be the first one of a person playing golf. The window dates from 1350 which is 300 years before the first Scottish image.

The sides of the cathedral are lined with memorials. This is one is more elaborate than most.

No sign of a golfer in this one.

You have to wonder why this cross happened to be chosen. Will they drag it out again when Charles ascends the throne?

Choir stalls.

Floor in front of the main alter.

There are so many English Kings. They have to be buried somewhere and Edward II finished up in Gloucester. He died in mysterious circumstances at Berkeley Castle which is owned by the same family that owns Spetchley Park which we visited a few weeks ago.

I liked the rich colours of the dresses.

Osric was a king of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom and you can read about him here. He founded the first monastic house on this site in 678-679.


Modern stained glass in a small side chapel.

This is the most unusual pose and colours I have ever seen for a tomb in a church. Note the elegant pointing of his foot.

Robert appears to have had an interesting but checkered history and you can read about him here.

Another side chapel. I imagine the colours on the wall were more vivid back when they were painted.

So finally we have the Harry Potter connection. Some of the scenes were filmed in the Cathedral, particularly in the cloister. You can read more about the film sites here. Just scroll down a bit.

The ceilings are spectacular.

Some of the stained glass that lines the cloister walls.

Grave stones in the floor.

Memorials to those who looked after the Cathedral.

The centre of the cloister. It is known as the Garth.

This is a Lavatorium where the monks used to wash. It was also used in a Potter film and you can read much more about the filming here.

We were amused by this sign as we left the Cathedral. They are attempting to install a new parking lot but are finding relics that are inhibiting progress.

The story of so many cities, towns and villages in England usually revolves around the local church, cathedral or abbey. Yes, they are all similar but again they are all different and each has its history and story to tell.

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