Monday, July 3, 2017


If you go further down the Severn River, you come to Gloucester. The river was navigable so the location was strategically important. The Romans created a settlement here in 97 AD.

We parked the car and immediately noticed that this was a wealthy city. This is the library.

Mural outside the local Museum.

Remains of the Roman East Gate under glass or plastic.

Click on the photo to enlarge.

We were surprised by the number of people strolling around on a Sunday morning. Many shops were open. Much of the central area is closed to traffic.

Presumably the bells ring on the hour.

A little lane-way leading to the Cathedral.

Beatrix Potter fans will probably know about the Tailor of Gloucester which used this building for the illustration.

We next visited the Cathedral which gets its own blog entry.

Elegant half-timbered house.

We walked for some time beside a long high wall like the one you see to the left. It turns out this used to be the Gloucester Prison and it closed in 2013. There is talk of redevelopment because of its location close to the popular dock area. I would not be surprised if redevelopment will be difficult because of what they find when they start digging. They have already found the remains of a wall of a Norman castle and there will probably be Roman remains as well.

We arrived at the dock area which is connected to the Severn River by a 16.5 mile long canal.

The canal is no longer used commercially but pleasure canal boats still use it.

Some of the old warehouses are now used as apartment buildings.

 There are numerous restaurants lining the wharves.

Now that is a large ring for tying up your vessel.

A swing bridge.

A small non-denominational church for seamen. 

Plain and simple. 

However it had this interesting stained glass window.

Notice the curious flanges for the wheels.

More about this very early railway. Click on the photo to enlarge.

We decided to stroll back to the car and came across this interesting church. It's initial name was 'Spa Church' since it was built for visitors to the nearby Gloucester Spa. It was subsequently renamed Christ Church but I prefer the former title. We did not go in.

Love open square lined with fine housing.

These former residences now appear to be offices but I get the impression that Gloucester was and still is a nice place to live. However the following begs to differ.

Doctor Foster
went to Gloucester
in a shower of rain,
he stood in a puddle
right up to his middle
and never went there again.

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