Friday, March 13, 2020

Montauk Lighthouse

After dinner on our first evening, we drove the few miles out to the lighthouse at the end of the island.

The lighthouse is at the most easterly point.

At dusk on our first day.

We returned the next afternoon to explore further.

A track down to the water.

A very rocky beach and a bit windy.

We could have walked around the tip on the rocks but discretion overcame valour. I may be 90% recovered but I am wary of that last 10%.

We then drove to the entrance to Lake Montauk.

Entrance to the lake.

Later we drove to the other side.

Harbour entrance.

Clare holds an interesting stone. Look at the elegant way she points her fingers.

A boat comes into the harbour.

At the other side of the harbour entrance.

I suspect it can get quite windy.

We wondered if these were shells.

And yes they are.

We went to a restaurant and had a wonderful calamari salad but the pizzas we ordered were much too bland for us. We found that it is best to arrive about 5:30 pm to get a good table. By the time we left, the joint was jammed.

The train station at dusk. Later that night a train arrived and the light from the engine was so bright it lit up our room. We really enjoyed our time in Montauk. I can imagine it would have been a very popular destination for New Yorkers wanting to escape the heat of summer.

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