Thursday, January 7, 2021

Our boxes arrive

 Back in early July last year, our boxes were loaded on to a truck by our friends Amanda and James and sent on their way to Australia. Photos of the loading are here.

This morning at 7 am, they finally arrived on another truck, and a gang of men carried half the boxes up 35 steps and the other half into the garage.

It looks like the truck is large but it was one of the removalist's smaller trucks.

Our boxes ready to be unloaded. The shipping company was Seven Seas and the boxes they provided looked perfect after the 6 months. If you have to move, do not use U-Haul boxes. They collapse when stacked.

This bloke was the truck driver and later in the day he drives to Sydney.

The truck parked outside our garage. It's 35 steps up to our unit.

You may notice some water under the truck. Just after the truck arrived it started to rain briefly. It rained the day we loaded the boxes back in the USA as well.

My boxes of amplifier building parts in the garage. On the right is Marianne's cutting mat which the removalists laid flat which is how Marianne wanted the mat to be transported. The bloke stacking the boxes kindly left me access to my new wine fridge (18 bottles).

Marianne and her mat.

Our kitchen and dining area. It was very humid and even though I did not carry any boxes, I was drenched. To celebrate the completion of the last major task to organize for this huge move, I had a cold beer at 8 am.

Marianne's work room.

Spare bedroom.

We were very happy with the performance of the removalists, Hervey Bay Removalists. They were recommended to us by other people in the units. The whole shipping process took a lot longer than it should have because of virus issues. Border closures and other quarantine issues doubled the length of time I was expecting the shipping to take.

Champers tonight with dinner.

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