Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pittsburgh - a walk in the snow

We are visiting our friends in Pittsburgh, PA and late in the day it started to snow. After an excellent dinner of steak and good wine, we went for a walk.

Our friends sold their house earlier in the year and have moved to a very nice ground floor apartment in an old building that used to be a school long ago. This is the foyer.

Since it was our first snow of the season we all decided to go for a walk on the nearby 31'st Street Bridge that goes across the Allegheny River.

That afternoon I purchased a new pair of hiking boots (Keen) and here is their tread. They seem to be much more comfortable for my feet than the Timberland boots I used at the start of the walk across England.

It was easy to see that nobody else had decided to cross the bridge after the snow had started.

The apartment building to the left.

In the background are the 31st Street Studios

Train tracks beside the river.

Snow falling. The next morning it looked like we got about an inch but there was an initial layer of ice which made it difficult to remove from the car.

Where the garbage trucks go to sleep.

The river looking towards the city. Since the city, tall buildings and stadiums are only a mile or so away, one could say that visibility was poor.

I must admit I hate driving in snow. It is always slippery and I never have a feeling that I am in total control. There were not many cars crossing the bridge.

Marina on the north side of the river. Occasionally it will ice over.

This ghostly looking building looks like a good atmospheric location to find a body in a murder mystery. 

So for all of you who won't experience snow this Christmas I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of a snowy night. Robin, you can feel homesick now.

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