Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Boulevard, Athens, Georgia

Every second Christmas, we go down to visit my sister and brother in law who live in Athens, GA. They come up to our place on the alternate years. They try to take us to see something different each time and this year, the outing was to an interesting street called the Boulevard.

The street is lined with quite a few interesting looking houses and so we donned jackets to brave the cold wind and strolled along.

The old truck really goes well with the old house.

There was not much traffic.

What this horse head is for is beyond me.

In the midst of all the southern style houses is this curious stand-alone row house.

Magnolia trees.

Some places are less grand. Sitting outside on the porch is not really a good idea on cold winter days.

Interesting entrance. I suspect a decent proportion of the houses are student accomodation in this university town.

A former gas station converted into a restaurant / cafe.

There are apparently a few of these scattered around Athens.

Quite a few houses had piles of brush on the footpath ready for collection.

An eclectic collection of 'stuff' adorned one garden/

If this was my garage I would risk parking a car inside it.

What every garden needs.

This is what happens to your old Thanksgiving pumpkin. It rots.

Not all the houses are in pristine condition.

Now that is a sign to inspire confidence.

Clare and Ric have been to this restaurant. Only once.

Notice the Obama sign to the right.

The stained glass did not really go well on this porch.

Perhaps this is a bell.

Some householders had packed all of their brush in large bags.

Clare thought these might be persimmons.

What everyone needs in their front yard to ward off evil spirits.

If you look carefully you can see a small dog under the Beware sign. It enjoyed a good bark at us.

Ric said that prices of houses on this street were quite high by Athens standards. It certainly has a great collection of interesting old southern style houses.

Finally, somebody had laid some bricks by the road. Why, I have no idea.

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