Monday, July 7, 2014

Marrickville - a walk by the Cooks River

Each morning in Sydney I take two cattle dogs for a walk by the Cook River. These dogs rule the house where we are staying and they need the exercise. 

The quiet tree lined street outside our house.

The dogs love to poke around in this section of grass to see if there is any poo available to sniff or even eat.

Just outside somebody's front door.

Another favourite sniffing area.

Path down towards the river.

I go out with four poo bags. Usually I have to deposit one by the time I get to this bin.

Water supply pipe over the river.

It's a very peaceful river.

Oval and play grounds.

Mangroves. I suspect the river is tidal in this area.

Looking upstream.

Quiet pathway on the southern side of the river. It's used by pedestrians and bicyclists.

Concrete cricket pitch.

Sydney has quite a large number of ovals for cricket and football. Sport is very important in Oz.

BBQ facilities.

I don't know how old this viaduct for the water pipe is but the designer knew how to make it look elegant.

Tempe train station, one of the two that are close to where we are staying.

It's a lovely quiet walk. This area seems to lie far enough south to not get much aircraft noise from nearby Sydney Airport.

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